ten as nine

Breaking Hearts

I didn't have much inspiration for these but I wanted to try some effects and I think some of them worked pretty well. For my next post I'll be attempting to better my negative space icons. Anyway do post your opinions! All icons feature Torchwood.

Gwen Cooper: 5
Gwen Cooper/Owen Harper: 1
Toshiko Sato: 4
Ianto Jones: 4
Icon Count: 14

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gwen tied

Making Improvements

I think these are huge improvements over any of my other icons. I scrapped text and went for textures, colourings and crops, and I tried to make sure I was happy with every icon. They're just of some of my favourite characters (excluding Donna, The Master, Jack and Jackie) and not from any particular Doctor Who episodes.

Rose Tyler: 7
Tenth Doctor: 6
Ninth Doctor: 7
Martha Jones: 2
Ten/Rose: 1
Icon Count: 23

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amy chin

Miracle Day

I'm very happy with these - I really like the colouring and texture usage and I made sure that they were how I wanted them to be. I also downloaded some better paint textures, and I even made a PSD as I was making icons! Please let me know what you think of these! Concrit is most certainly welcome! All icons feature scenes from Miracle Day (Torchwood Series 4)!

Gwen Cooper: 7
Captain Jack Harkness: 3
Vera Juarez: 8
Esther Drummond: 1
Jilly Kitzinger: 3
Icon Count: 22

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Download this here at roseinperil
noble summer

Green Anchor

I'm actually posting some Moffat era icons! I've sort of cheated though because I used an episode by Tom Macrae, The Girl Who Waited (my favourite episode from series 5-7), because I like the red colouring and the white background of the whole episode. The set is brilliant! I also made a few Rose icons and 1 Ninth Doctor icon from the episode Father's Day. Some colourings aren't great but the screencaps for Father's Day weren't great, and the episode colouring is absolutely horrendous. I got some good crops from both episodes though!

Rose Tyler: 5
Ninth Doctor: 1
Amy Pond: 10
Icon Count 16

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dead gwen

Partners in Crime

I didn't plan on making these, but as I was making edits for roseinperil I found that I quite liked the subtle colourings so I thought I'd make some basic icons. I tried to do some better cropping on these, so do tell me what you think. These are nowhere near my best but I was just playing around in Photoshop. Constructive criticism is most certainly welcome!

Donna Noble: 5
Ten/Donna: 2
Icon Count: 7

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ten as nine

a bit of pimping

hello_pond is still my main community. This one is just one I've made with a friend and we'll be posting graphics like colourings and retouches. This is still my main place for graphics!

Hey! roseinperil is a new graphics community by idontwanttogo and aliensoflondon! We will mostly be posting Doctor Who and Torchwood relating stuff but we may post other stuff from time to time! Do visit, leave some comments and possibly watch?
rose dalek ship

Silence in the Library

I've been watching some Doctor Who from where I was up to, so I got to Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead, and I really enjoyed them. Despite my dislike for Steven Moffat I do like these episodes (they do have their flaws), and the colouring is perfect, which makes it very icon-able. I concentrated hugely on colouring and aesthetics - fuck crops, I wanted faces, expressions and colours, and I actually did a little work on text - I don't use a lot of text but I tried on one or two of these. I'm really pleased with these so enjoy. I would have done more Donna but she's not looking especially great in these eps so yeah. I'll do some Amy/11 soon. If these look plain, look at some screencaps and see the colour improvements I've made!

Tenth Doctor: 11
River Song: 4
Donna Noble: 3
Ten/Donna: 2
Icon Count: 20

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pop eyanto

20 Doctor Who Icons

I decided to stay simple with this batch. They all have a few adjustment layers and maybe one or two colour blobs and the occasional texture, and there's one or two 3D effects in there, but everything is pretty simple, which I like. I especially like the ones that I emphasized facial features on, and I tried some glows too. Also check out the Dalek vision. I've never done 9 and I love series 1 so the eps are Bad Wolf, Dalek, Aliens of London and The Empty Child. Thoughts?

Rose Tyler: 14
9th Doctor: 6
Icon Count: 20

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dead gwen


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