August 27th, 2013

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Theme Tweak

I've tweaked the theme of hello_pond so that it's now based on blue with orange emphasis, a Gwen Cooper (Torchwood) background/layout image and larger/easier to read font. I've also swapped out the dotted borders for solid light grey ones that are thicker or none at all, as well as white backgrounds/padding. Any thoughts?
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20 Doctor Who Icons

I decided to stay simple with this batch. They all have a few adjustment layers and maybe one or two colour blobs and the occasional texture, and there's one or two 3D effects in there, but everything is pretty simple, which I like. I especially like the ones that I emphasized facial features on, and I tried some glows too. Also check out the Dalek vision. I've never done 9 and I love series 1 so the eps are Bad Wolf, Dalek, Aliens of London and The Empty Child. Thoughts?

Rose Tyler: 14
9th Doctor: 6
Icon Count: 20

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